Friday, June 6, 2014

Sewing the Seeds of Love.

Hello again friends! I hope that the weather is fair and that all is well, wherever you may be. So glad it's summer.
So, tour was awesome. Sorry for not keeping up to date with anything on the internet, ever. We suck. Here is a really fucking cool video that Mitch from Thou put together.

Thanks so much to everyone. I could name hundreds of people and bands and I would forget a bunch more so I am just going to leave it at that. We love you so much.

Next up for Cloud Rat:

- Japan Discography CD via Long Legs Long Arms (Tokyo)
- US Discography Cassette via Brainswell (Minneapolis)
- Don't Call It A Fest 2014 in Detroit
- US East Coast Tour w/ Nervous Mothers (Belgium) September 11 - 28 (List of dates will be up soon)
- Various 1-off gigs here and there, and a few short runs/weekends with friends before the end of 2014.
- 2015... New record(s) // World Tour???
- A real, honest-to-Lucifer, website??? With lots of updated info and a working mailorder/distro? HMMMMM. Maybe we'll actually do that.

Sorry we've been pretty unavailable via emails and online junk lately. Too much going on always. Maybe someday we will be a real band and keep our shit together. We have been slowly but steadily writing, always pushing on. Adrian will be gone with Old Soul for a couple months in Europe starting next week, so that will put a little damper on practice and what not of course.

Be good to each other!

Love, CR.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

First day of tour

We did it.  We break stuff.  Good times.
First show in Kzoo was great, many more to come.
drin, out.

all shows.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Living in a coffin

were making new songs whal trying not to die.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014


305 was special because of the friends and bands we got to see/meet and hang with. 

I have to say though it ended up being a very trying horrifying demon of a weekend. 
bugs crawled in us, hands stole from us and a very very sad suicide hit us.
whatever parasite attached itself to us, is hopefully gone. 

2014 has been really intense and scary so far, and I'm not sure where its going.
but i can only hope and wait and watch.

heres a video kitties 
check out my wah wah voice along with some quintessential butt and flip flop shots.

thanks for being there.
look after one another.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Hey all.
So we finally got a little motivation and made a Bandcamp. CLOUDRAT.BANDCAMP.COM
Check it. There is a new release on there, BLIND RIVER, that compiles the Republic of Dreams split, Orgullo Primitivo split, and our track off the Monomaniac comp. Everything is newly remixed/mastered, so even if you already have the republic of dreams stuff digitally, download this because it sounds a lot better I think.
We will put Moksha up soon for stream/download, as soon as we get the separated .wav files from Mr. Kevin Kitchel. Everything is available for free download, but you can pay/donate if you want.

Split 7" w/ Orgullo Primitivo is FINALLY REALLY COMING OUT. It is being sent to the plant and will be available in April, we'll have it with us on tour or you can order from

You can also still download S/T and Fever Dreams from Grindcore Karaoke if you want. J is good people and we appreciate all that he has done for us. We just wanted to have all of our stuff in one easy, "official" spot for people to be able to stream/dl.

Japanese 2CD discog through 3LA ( coming up, as well as a US cassette discog through a friend in Minneapolis. More info on those as they progress.
We are writing for multiple releases right now. New material should be ready by the end of this year/early 2015. Tour in April w/ Thou is booked, come hang. Tour in September with Nervous Mothers is happening, just not started booking yet.

Love y'all lots.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Songs From The Big Chair

Little update for 2014. Hope ya'll had a good 2013. Shit was wild for us, as a band and individually. Good and bad. But that's typical, I mean, it's a whole year...

Thou // Cloud Rat dates. Most all are booked, just awaiting details.

04.10.14 - Cincinnati, OH (Cloud Rat only)
04.11.14 - Skeletal Lightning Fest in Champaign, IL with Weekend Nachos, Northless, Enabler, Doomsayer, Angry Gods
04.12.14 - Omaha, NE at The Westwing (301 S 38th Avenue)
04.13.14 - Denver, CO at Mutiny Information Cafe (2 S. Broadway) at nine pm with Primitive Man
04.14.14 - Billings, MT at Black Sparrow Tattoo Club
04.15.14 - Seattle, WA with Ô Paon, Samothrace, and Dreamdecay
04.16.14 - (Matinee) Olympia, WA at Le Voyeur
04.16.14 - Portland, OR with Ô Paon
04.17.14 - (Matinee) Portland, OR 
04.17.14 - Salem, OR at Wisp House with Hell and OSS
04.18.14 - (Matinee) Sacramento, CA with Tom Hanx 
04.18.14 - Berkeley, CA at 924 Gilman St.
04.19.14 - (Matinee) Santa Cruz, CA at Streetlight Records (939 Pacific Avenue) at three pm 
04.19.14 - San Francisco, CA
04.20.14 - (Matinee) Oakland, CA
04.20.14 - San Jose, CA
04.21.14 - (Matinee) San Luis Obispo, CA 
04.21.14 - Santa Barbara, CA with Dangers
04.22.14 - (Matinee) La Puente, CA
04.22.14 - San Diego, CA with Dangers
04.23.14 - (Matinee) Riverside, CA
04.23.14 - Los Angeles, CA at the Echo with Dangers
04.24.14 - (Matinee) Phoenix, AZ
04.24.14 - Flagstaff at The Hive with Swamp Wolf 
04.25.14 - Albuquerque, NM with Bathhouse and Predatory Light 
04.26.14 - Dallas, TX with Orgullo Primitivo
04.27.14 - New Orleans 
04.28.14 - Nashville, TN (Cloud Rat only)
28 gigs in 19 days... Road Warrior status yet?
Will have new shirts and junk for this tour, as well as HOPEFULLY the Orgullo Primitivo split 7". We might try to learn a cover or two for this one as well, but we don't wanna go stealing Thou's Nirvana thunder.

We haven't written anymore since the last practice session, but tomorrow we should have more material. Trying to record before Adrian goes with Old Soul to Europe for two fucking months. CRAZY CATS! Excited for them. But yeah, that way we can have plenty of time to mix and tinker with junk later on. Probably will have new records out in 2015.

In other news, East Coast Tour is happening in September. FINALLY! Excited. The plan is to bring over some friends from Belgium called Nervous Mothers. Not quite confirmed but it'll probably be like Sept 11 - 28. In the mean time, THREE Detroit shows have been booked already this year. That is quite uncommon for us. Cool.
This Friday with Perfect Pussy at the Trumbullplex, so pumped. Haven't seen Meredith in far too long.
Then March 15th with Northless and Nailbiter at The Precinct. Two amazing bands with awesome folks in them on tour at a new DIY venue in Detroit, fuckin do it.
May 14th at the Yonka House with friends White Widows Pact, Winnipeg homies Plague, and some more. Will be sick.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Navidson Record

Hello, dear friends.

I know, another eon between updates. Oops!

In the Rat news...
Moksha has been getting some very kind accolades lately:
2013 Album of the Year at Grind and Punishment!
Grim Kim's Top 15 of 2013 at
Top 50 of 2013 at Steel For Brains
And then there is this...
You can vote for us on NPR for Album of the Year. Against the likes of David Bowie, Arcade Fire, Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Ghostface Killah, Nick Cave, Neko Case, My Bloody Valentine, Elvis Costello, etc etc etc. FAT CHANCE AMIRITE????
Kinda cool, pretty weird.

Thank you so, so, so much to everyone who has been supportive of this band. I can't express how appreciative, humbled and honored we are.

So, onto the next thing:

April 11th - 28th. Dates will be up shortly... The tour is almost booked solid, just have a bit more to go.
To our East Coast friends: Very sorry that we aren't coming back yet. But I assure you all that we will be back before the end of 2014, promise!!

Hopefully we will be better at getting our shit together in the coming months. Merch and replying to emails and interviews and blah blah blah. It's pretty challenging to juggle being a parent, being in a love relationship, work, bands, social life, and everything else. All three of us are busy folks, and unfortunately that means that Cloud Rat has been getting neglected during the second half of 2013. Please forgive us if we ever were short with you, didn't respond to an email, or blew off an interview. We sincerely apologize for all of those things.

We've been writing a little bit, but haven't really been able to practice much this year. That should start picking up again as well. So look forward to new material probably late next year, as well as the LONG delayed ORGULLO PRIMITIVO / CLOUD RAT SPLIT 7" to be released before the Thou tour!

Cheers, loves. Miss you all heaps.