Friday, February 5, 2016

Fallen From Grace

Last weekend was so good. Horribly painful, physically. But that didn't matter, because it felt so wonderful to be back playing again after six months. The shows ripped. Friendships were strengthened. Good times. Now I just gotta get back into fucking shape, because that weekend hurt. Haha. Lots of awesome stuff coming up. Shows, records, new help with booking, etc.

2016 So Far:

Jan 28th @ The Firehouse in Grand Rapids, MI w/ Dakhma, Boddicker, Great Reversals, Discarnate -
Jan 29/30th Fall From Grace Fest @ Quarters & Frank's Power Plant in Milwaukee, WI. We play day two at Frank's - &
Jan 31st @ Walter Planet in Chicago, IL with Sick/Tired, Sea of Shit, Hate -

Feb 21st @ Marble Bar in Detroit, MI w/ Bell Witch and Wrekmeister Harmonies -
March 2nd PREserker Fest @ Small's in Detroit, MI -

March 10th - Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA
March 11th @ Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY w/ Pig Destroyer, Dropdead, Full of Hell, Mother Brain -
March 12th @ ABC No Rio in Manhattan, NY (Matinee) with Gouge Away, Soul Glo, Hell Mary -
March 12th @ Sidebar in Baltimore, MD with Noisem, Sangharsha, Sunrot, Inertia, Musket Hawk -
March 13th @ The Pinch in Washington D.C. with Gouge Away, Claw, Wet Brain, Bidet -
March 14th - Cleveland, OH @ TBA

April 9th @ Trumbullplex in Detroit, MI w/ Closet Burner and Social Werq -

April 21st - London / Kitchener, ON
April 22nd - Montreal, QC @ TBA
April 23rd - Quebec City, QC
April 24th - Toronto, ON @ D-Beatstro

May 28th - Cincinnati, OH

Summer Tour TBA -
June 1st -
June 2nd -
June 3rd/4th - 71 Grind Fest in Colorado Springs, CO -
June 5th -
June 6th -
June 7th -
June 8th -
June 9th -
June 10th -
June 11th -
June 12th -

June 26th - Peoria, IL

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Friends with Death

Jamuary 14th, 2016. First blog post in SEVEN MONTHS. I think that is a record amount of ineptness for us.
1. We're all bad at the internet (ehh Brandon is pretty good but is also dying).
2. We're all busy as hell outside of this band.
3. It was a rough time for a while after the summer 2015 Euro tour.

Where to start??
The tour was good, gig wise, and of course there was a lot of fun had. Lots of great shows and great friends. Other than that though, it was Long. Strenuous. Exhausting. Hot. Brutal. Financially Destructive. And ultimately was almost the end for Cloud Rat.
Tensions were high for the whole tour. What can I say... it is what it is.
Who am I kidding? Tensions had been high for a long time. All throughout writing and recording Qliphoth, before and after, shit was hard to keep together. I mean fuck, it still is.
Anyways, many of you probably already know, but for those that don't, Adrian isn't playing in CR anymore. You can still catch him with Old Soul and his many other music projects. We wish him all the best health and love in future things.

So now we are back to a three piece. Brandon is playing drums, and we have yet to figure out how we are going to incorporate the noise/electronics in the live setting. We are working on it though. CR did fine for five years without live electronics, so why not again for a little while til we get it sorted.

Qliphoth has gotten a lot of love. It's a pretty great feeling, and I don't really know the words to convey how much it means to us that the record seems to have resonated well with a lot of folks. The process of recording that record was grueling, to say the least. Not the engineering or performance (JC is a dream to work with, Lakebottom Studios for life) or anything, just surrounding circumstances.
It's become agonizingly apparent that everyone in CR suffers from chronic mental illness of some sort. And dealing with all of the crazy shit that life has thrown this past couple years has been especially taxing. So many deaths and disasters and clusterfucks.
So I just want to say, thank you to everyone who has been patient and kind and helpful. And sorry to anyone who has been rubbed the wrong way or forgotten/left hanging, or in some way let down by us. You deserve better. Don't hesitate to email ( if you have anything you want to say or ask or what not. I know that there is a hilarious common thread since this band started of me continually apologizing for being behind on emails and messages and interviews and everything. I fucking suck at all of this shit. Trying my best, but there is so much going on always. Especially now with two kiddos and everyone getting older with harder schedules to work around. But I'm gonna keep trying.

On that note, currently working on getting organized again for real. I just updated the blog (bunch of dates, new videos, a bio, drugs of faith split lyrics and streaming). Next up is answering a ton of emails and messages, then THE GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING WEBSTORE that I've mentioned for about three years now, and never put up. Fuck.

So, hopefully will be seeing many of y'all at upcoming gigs and we can hang out and be friends again. We are sloooooowly writing and discussing future records and junk. Grind til death.

Cheers. - Whiskey

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Cloud Rat is headed to Europe again this summer in support of our new record, Qliphoth. Check that out here:
Thank you so much to everyone who has picked up a copy, shared it, reviewed it, did a piece on it, everything. So much love. 


20th - Kiel Explode Fest
21st - Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
22nd - Leipzig, Germany @ Klubraum Plagwitz
23rd - Berlin, Germany @ Bei Ruth
24th - Bremen, Germany @ Sielwallhaus
25th - Munster, Germany @ Baracke
26/27th - Cry Me A River Fest 

28th - Dream Comes True Fest 
29th - Groningen, Netherlands @ Vera Downstage
30th - Amsterdam, Netherlands @ OCCII 
1st - Nottingham, UK @ Stuck On A Name Studios
2nd - Glasgow, UK @ 13th Note
3rd - Edinburgh, UK @ Banshee Labyrinth
4th - Leeds, UK @ Temple Of Boom
5th - London, UK @ New River Studios
6th - Paris, France @ Le Parvis De Bagnolet
7th - Geneva, Switzerland @ Urgence Disk Records
8th - Erlangen, Germany @ Jugendhaus
9th - Frankfurt, Germany @ Exzess
10/11th - Obscene Extreme Fest
12th - Padova, Italy @ Bloom Club
13th - Vienna, Austria @ Pankahyttn
14th - Koper, Slovenia @ TBA
15th - Zagreb, Croatia AKC Attack
16th - Banja Luka, Bosnia @ DKC Incel
17th - Timisoara, Romania @ TBA
18th - Bucharest, Romania @ Question Mark
19th - Cluj Napoca, Romania @ Zug.Zone
20th Budapest, Hungary @ Durer Kert
21st - Sered, Slovakia @ Kemping
22nd - Dresden, Germany @ TBA
23rd - Halle, Germany @ VL
24/25/26TH - Fluff Fest

Thank you to everyone involved so far. We are extremely fortunate to be playing with so many great bands and working with helpful promoters. See y'all on the road. Can't wait to hang with so many good pals and see heaps of sick bands! 
Promoters and friends and bands, feel free to post on here, share this, and send your event updates this way.

Tour poster by Brian Uhl:
Merch printed by Moment of Collapse & Reptilian Prints:
Van & backline provided by FLUFFWHEELS:
Records, Tapes and other various help from Halo of Flies, IFB, Moment of Collapse, React With Protest, 7 Degrees, Dead Tank

Thanks. Sorry for never updating this. Life is wild. Will get better. Will do a webstore when we get back. Cheers and love to all!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell

Have gotten really bad at updating this, apologies. Way too much going on to handle right now. Self-implosion: imminent.
Anyways, all the news we haven't posted on here yet:
- We are officially a four piece. Our pal Brandon (Xtra Vomit, Plagues) has joined us on Electronics. WOOP WOOP
- Our upcoming LP is complete. "Qliphoth". 17 tracks, 40 minutes. Release: June 9th, 2015. Gotta get art sorted and records pressed.
- Mini tour in May, more deets soon.
- HUGE Europe tour summer 2015. Too long. Lots of fests. Will be wild. I posted the dates in upcoming gigs.
- Split 7" announcement coming soon...
- Dead Fest in Oakland in August
- Punk's Not Dead Fest in L.A. in October (Dead and Dead... heh)
- Tweaked the Discography/lyrics section to include the OP split, and to fix some layout errors.
That's it for now. Will post a better update when I'm not dead tired. Planned to get a lot accomplished after work this evening, but had to spend hours fixing my ancient computer... Woof.
Love y'all.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Big update! Sorry for not using this much, 2014 has been hella mad bonkers.
Hello again, lovely folks. On the upcoming tour with Disrotted, we are going to be doing collaboration sets with our friend Brandon's project, Plagues.
Will be rad.
To the promoters who didn't know about Plagues being on the bill with us, apologies. We are terrible at stuff sometimes. It won't make the sets much longer, probably 5-10 minutes more.

December Tour with Disrotted and Plagues:
5th - Mt. Pleasant, MI**
6th - Milwaukee, WI
7th - Chicago, IL
8th - Lima, OH at The Leathershop
9th - Nashville, TN
10th - Birmingham, AL
11th - New Orleans, LA @ TBA
12th - Baton Rouge, LA @ TBA
13th - Springfield, IL
14th - Grand Rapids, MI** @ TBA
** MT Pleasant and Grand Rapids gigs are CR and Plagues only, no Disrotted. There will be a tour poster soon, thanks to the amazingly incredible Brian Uhl.
After that, we are FINALLY entering the studio again, this time in January 2015 with our friend JC at Lakebottom Recording House in Toledo, OH:
We will be recording a large batch of material for our third LP along with some material for some TBA things in the works...
Very excited. I think that this will be our best material yet.
There is a lot going on next year. After recording, we are talking with some close friends about doing another tour together, this time a short spring break outing. Hopefully that works out. Then planning to have new records out before our next European tour, June / July 2015. There are some VERY exciting announcements coming about that, will let you know more when everything is confirmed.
After that, in August we are playing Dead Fest 2015 in Oakland, CA alongside Terrorizer, Noothgrush, Nausea, Come To Grief, Excruciating Terror, Capitalist Casualties, Massgrave, and many other amazing bands and friends. Damn. We will most likely do a very short run of dates around this as well.
There are more things in the work after that as well, hopefully all works out. 2015 is looking promising.

One more thing. Our van, Ron Burgundy, is on his last legs. I bought that van in 2007 with my best friend Jimmy (Old Soul, Under Anchor). It now has almost 300,000 miles on it, and is about to retire. So many amazing memories in that thing. Many of you have spent time in it as well. Time to say goodbye, thanks for all the memories. Cheers, bub.
And now, here is our new (used) van! Let's hope to get another 8+ years out of it! No name for them yet, still working on it.

Can't wait to see you all again. Much love and miss you tons.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sewing the Seeds of Love.

Hello again friends! I hope that the weather is fair and that all is well, wherever you may be. So glad it's summer.
So, tour was awesome. Sorry for not keeping up to date with anything on the internet, ever. We suck. Here is a really fucking cool video that Mitch from Thou put together.

Thanks so much to everyone. I could name hundreds of people and bands and I would forget a bunch more so I am just going to leave it at that. We love you so much.

Next up for Cloud Rat:

- Japan Discography CD via Long Legs Long Arms (Tokyo)
- US Discography Cassette via Brainswell (Minneapolis)
- Don't Call It A Fest 2014 in Detroit
- US East Coast Tour w/ Nervous Mothers (Belgium) September 11 - 28 (List of dates will be up soon)
- Various 1-off gigs here and there, and a few short runs/weekends with friends before the end of 2014.
- 2015... New record(s) // World Tour???
- A real, honest-to-Lucifer, website??? With lots of updated info and a working mailorder/distro? HMMMMM. Maybe we'll actually do that.

Sorry we've been pretty unavailable via emails and online junk lately. Too much going on always. Maybe someday we will be a real band and keep our shit together. We have been slowly but steadily writing, always pushing on. Adrian will be gone with Old Soul for a couple months in Europe starting next week, so that will put a little damper on practice and what not of course.

Be good to each other!

Love, CR.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

First day of tour

We did it.  We break stuff.  Good times.
First show in Kzoo was great, many more to come.
drin, out.

all shows.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Living in a coffin

were making new songs whal trying not to die.