Hi. We are a grindcore punk trio from Michigan called Cloud Rat. We formed in December 2009 in Mount Pleasant, MI. So far, we have extensively toured the USA, Canada, and Europe multiple times. We have released three full length LPs, five split LPs, four split 7"s, a split cassette tape, a 2010-2015 complete discography 2xCD, as well as having appeared on multiple compilations of various formats. We strongly believe in a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, animal/human/earth liberation, DIY/DIT, anti-capitalist ideologies, and living respectfully and compassionately.
Musically, we are influenced by all sorts of stuff. Pretty much any kind of music you can think of has found its way into our sound, through a blender set to "grind." Heh.
We've been through a lot of challenging stuff together, and it seems like this band is always on some sort of fucked up collision course with disaster. We've made it this long though, why stop? 
So many people have helped us along the way that this band can't necessarily be called our own anymore. Thank you to everyone who has shared in this project with us.

In the future, we plan to tour through Mexico, Asia, Australia, South America, and everywhere else, as long as we can. Thanks for reading. In grind we crust, in love we rot. Cheers.

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