Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The show in grand rapids went super well!
I had a lot of fun talking to new people, and hearing good feedback from people is always nice.
was sad though we missed Positive noise and the other bands i have been waiting to see them for a while :/

Then later that night we headed to Ryan's house for some fun and fun it was.
I had some pizza that had the best crust then i drank some really great beer and chated with some really cool cats about all kind of things.
oh and i also stood and stared in amazement to Ryan and Claire's little library they have, lots of great books i want to read

Then later that night much to my dismay i got to see Rorik and a bunch of other men get really excited and sing Bruce Springsteen... (not a big fan of the boss ha)
but much joy was brought when i heard he ran off and went to a hipster party down the road and danced his fanny off..then proceeded to pee on a girls car.

Overall it was a great night.
We leave for tour Thursday! got a great show that night in Kalamazoo

Oh and patches are now available!

Back Patch

Smaller patches

also been listening to His Hero Is Gone all day.
the album Monuments to Thieves is fucking great

-M/Cloud Rat