Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hello, People Of The Cloud.

Bad news first. Our weekend with The Oily Menace has been cancelled due to venues getting shut down and a couple shows falling through. Bummer. We are STILL PLAYING MUSKEGON on Thursday though. GO GO GO!

Good news: Instead of touring, we are entering the studio on saturday to record our half of the split cassette with Xtra Vomit. We are super stoked on the songs that we have written. Expect a free download soon!
Also, the Sept. 30th - Oct. 11th Xtra Vomit tour is almost booked solid!
The only dates we still need help with are :
Oct 2nd - Nashville or Memphis
Oct 9th - Anywhere in Southeast/East USA

In the meantime, we are playing a few Michigan dates soon. Try and make it out to one or two if you can.

The Rat.

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