Friday, November 4, 2011

The Lurking Fear

Hey all! We added a little links section. Check them out! Will add more as we remember them.

Tour is almost all set, just need Birmingham AL or Jackson MS area still! If you know anyone who can help us in those towns or surrounding areas (Basically any city that will split up our trip from Dallas TX to Melbourne, FL. WHEW), please let us know or let them know. Thanks! We are getting pretty stoked for tour, and got some new shirties and patchies. We will have some of the last remaining copies of our LP, as well as copies of the Oily Menace / Wolbachia split LP and (fingers crossed) the new Autarkeia split 7"!

LAIR / Brian Uhl and Robert Inhuman just made this for us. So fucking cool.


  1. fuckin awesome new logo!

    are you gonna have seperate sections for labels and blogs?

    you can link me if you like =)

    not sure if ill be able to see you in december, hopefully ill get to see you sometime before you do that boston fest in march........currently looking at the possibility of having a space in kalamazoo(ill be moving back when we get our house there refinanced) and youll be the first band i ask for shows ;) anyways im glad to see you guys hyped for tour!

  2. Thanks!
    And yes, probably eventually. I will link you up soon.

    Awesome! That would be great. I've personally only played Kzoo three times in the past 10 years, and Cloud Rat only played there once, to about 8 people. Stoked for that!