Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ft. Worth and Dallas were both amazing. 1919 Hemphill and The Phoenix Project Collective are both really great spaces run by really great people. We had SO MUCH GOOD FOOD in both towns as well, it was ridiculous. Thanks a ton to all of our new friends: Jenny Ray, Landon, Alden, Kelly, Dan, Rick, Matt, Tyler, Ramon, Alden's Parents (sorry we set off the fire alarms at like 2AM!!!). The bands that played were all fucking KILLER as well. Cleric was amazing old-school death metal, Guiso was really good frantic crusty d-beaty punk stuff, Raging Boner was really good tight straight up hardcore ala Ringworm, and then the greatest of all was Primitive Orgasm, a one-man drum solo playing the most insane fucking jazz-grind with vocal effects. It was one of the most powerful things that I have ever seen. More punk than punk.
Then we had a 20 hour drive from Dallas to Cocoa Beach FL, which we just got done with about an hour ago. We couldn't get a show to materialize in Alabama or Mississippi, so that was that. Lots of weird things happening in the van, lots of really great accents and stupid shenanigans. You know.
We have a ton of pictures and junk, we will get them posted later on!!!
Tonight we start our little 5-day jaunt with Thou and False. Should be a crazy time!

I miss my daughter.


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  1. Hey guys it's Daniel from ft. worth me and Kelley are living in Oakland now. Y'all gotta plan a west coast tour so we can smoke that good shit and have another cooking party!