Tuesday, April 3, 2012

East Coast Tour / "Right on, man. Go for it."

Hey all. Long time no update! Sorry. Been super fucking busy, probably speaking for all of us when I say stressed as well.
Tour was awesome. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH to everyone involved with any of the shows, with places to stay, bands who played, kindness shown. This tour was really interesting for me personally. There were some super great moments, and a couple of low ones as well. But all in all, the shows were great, Smash It Dead Fest was very successful for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and all involved, and our tour was a lot of fun.
Again, I will try to post an update with more detailed tour junk in it soon. Working on getting caught up with life stuff right now. Much love to all.


P.S. The split LP with Xtra Vomit is finally available! Order from IFB Records.
Also, in the near future, we are releasing a 2010-2011 Discography Cassette through Ethic Records out of Miami. Should be pretty cool!


  1. hope the tour was ok- i was at the CT show, you guys were incredible....bummer about the first band playing samples with the word "fag" all over them at a punk show, but maybe it at least sparked some kind of dialogue?

  2. from everything ive heard, you gaiz R well loved everywhere you go =)