Thursday, October 4, 2012


Click on the picture to check out the announcement, tracklist, info, order options, etc.
You can stream the whole release here:

We will have copies of this in time for our tour with THEDOWNGOING (who are also one of the bands on this comp. Fuck yeah).

Also, we now have copies of our split LP with Republic Of Dreams. You can either order them from us or (USA) and (EUR). We will have these with us on tour as well, so whatever you want. They turned out killer. Thanks to all the folks involved with that!

Can't wait to get the last few dates confirmed for Nov - Dec. We've been having some trouble with Phoenix, Reno and Albuquerque, but I just got some more contacts for those places so hopefully we'll have that sorted soon.

As for Europe, that is shaping up really well. We are looking for one more band to accompany us through eastern Europe April 2nd - 15th. I will post the euro dates once they are confirmed! Cool. So excited.
Hope to see you all and give you hugs soon.


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  1. aw hell. a cloudrat/tdg tour? please tell me you're hitting the east coast