Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Songs From The Big Chair

Little update for 2014. Hope ya'll had a good 2013. Shit was wild for us, as a band and individually. Good and bad. But that's typical, I mean, it's a whole year...

Thou // Cloud Rat dates. Most all are booked, just awaiting details.

04.10.14 - Cincinnati, OH (Cloud Rat only)
04.11.14 - Skeletal Lightning Fest in Champaign, IL with Weekend Nachos, Northless, Enabler, Doomsayer, Angry Gods
04.12.14 - Omaha, NE at The Westwing (301 S 38th Avenue)
04.13.14 - Denver, CO at Mutiny Information Cafe (2 S. Broadway) at nine pm with Primitive Man
04.14.14 - Billings, MT at Black Sparrow Tattoo Club
04.15.14 - Seattle, WA with Ô Paon, Samothrace, and Dreamdecay
04.16.14 - (Matinee) Olympia, WA at Le Voyeur
04.16.14 - Portland, OR with Ô Paon
04.17.14 - (Matinee) Portland, OR 
04.17.14 - Salem, OR at Wisp House with Hell and OSS
04.18.14 - (Matinee) Sacramento, CA with Tom Hanx 
04.18.14 - Berkeley, CA at 924 Gilman St.
04.19.14 - (Matinee) Santa Cruz, CA at Streetlight Records (939 Pacific Avenue) at three pm 
04.19.14 - San Francisco, CA
04.20.14 - (Matinee) Oakland, CA
04.20.14 - San Jose, CA
04.21.14 - (Matinee) San Luis Obispo, CA 
04.21.14 - Santa Barbara, CA with Dangers
04.22.14 - (Matinee) La Puente, CA
04.22.14 - San Diego, CA with Dangers
04.23.14 - (Matinee) Riverside, CA
04.23.14 - Los Angeles, CA at the Echo with Dangers
04.24.14 - (Matinee) Phoenix, AZ
04.24.14 - Flagstaff at The Hive with Swamp Wolf 
04.25.14 - Albuquerque, NM with Bathhouse and Predatory Light 
04.26.14 - Dallas, TX with Orgullo Primitivo
04.27.14 - New Orleans 
04.28.14 - Nashville, TN (Cloud Rat only)
28 gigs in 19 days... Road Warrior status yet?
Will have new shirts and junk for this tour, as well as HOPEFULLY the Orgullo Primitivo split 7". We might try to learn a cover or two for this one as well, but we don't wanna go stealing Thou's Nirvana thunder.

We haven't written anymore since the last practice session, but tomorrow we should have more material. Trying to record before Adrian goes with Old Soul to Europe for two fucking months. CRAZY CATS! Excited for them. But yeah, that way we can have plenty of time to mix and tinker with junk later on. Probably will have new records out in 2015.

In other news, East Coast Tour is happening in September. FINALLY! Excited. The plan is to bring over some friends from Belgium called Nervous Mothers. Not quite confirmed but it'll probably be like Sept 11 - 28. In the mean time, THREE Detroit shows have been booked already this year. That is quite uncommon for us. Cool.
This Friday with Perfect Pussy at the Trumbullplex, so pumped. Haven't seen Meredith in far too long.
Then March 15th with Northless and Nailbiter at The Precinct. Two amazing bands with awesome folks in them on tour at a new DIY venue in Detroit, fuckin do it.
May 14th at the Yonka House with friends White Widows Pact, Winnipeg homies Plague, and some more. Will be sick.

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