Monday, February 16, 2015

Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell

Have gotten really bad at updating this, apologies. Way too much going on to handle right now. Self-implosion: imminent.
Anyways, all the news we haven't posted on here yet:
- We are officially a four piece. Our pal Brandon (Xtra Vomit, Plagues) has joined us on Electronics. WOOP WOOP
- Our upcoming LP is complete. "Qliphoth". 17 tracks, 40 minutes. Release: June 9th, 2015. Gotta get art sorted and records pressed.
- Mini tour in May, more deets soon.
- HUGE Europe tour summer 2015. Too long. Lots of fests. Will be wild. I posted the dates in upcoming gigs.
- Split 7" announcement coming soon...
- Dead Fest in Oakland in August
- Punk's Not Dead Fest in L.A. in October (Dead and Dead... heh)
- Tweaked the Discography/lyrics section to include the OP split, and to fix some layout errors.
That's it for now. Will post a better update when I'm not dead tired. Planned to get a lot accomplished after work this evening, but had to spend hours fixing my ancient computer... Woof.
Love y'all.



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    1. ...and my Cloud Rat shirt that weirds people out all over Moab

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