Friday, August 12, 2016

The Arcane Oath

Hope y'all have been well. Tour with Closet Burner last month was great, lots of staring into the void, and many misanthropic feelings were had. Thanks so much to all the promoters and friends and venues and bands and drugs for hanging out in the hot hot heat with us.
Currently bumming that I'm not in Olympia at Migration Fest with all the homies. Sending much love that way.
Next up: recording at Lakebottom and then tour with Wolves in the Throne Room and then more recording. Will post a real update soon with merch and all of our tour dates, including matinees and one-offs, for the rest of the year. Cheers friends.

P.S. Check out our pals in Disrotted, they got a fucking killer new record out. I picked up the LP recently and FUCK does it make you so sad. Get it.



  1. Great food and great people with awesome styling and interior. Also great seattle venues for cheap happy hour drinks. However, the downstairs beer selection is about as standard as it can be while upstairs can be a bit more creative.

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