Friday, December 30, 2016

The Wailing


Well, it's been another four months since I last updated this. Three months since we last practiced lol (that's about to change tonight). Whatever.
I hope that you, dear reader, have somehow had a fabulous 2016. I'm noticing the recent social media trend of hopefulness and what not for 2017, which is nice, albeit probably misguided. Who am I kidding though? I start counseling next week, hoping to better myself and get on a path to fixing my broken fucking brain, which in turn will help me become more productive (Fitter, Happier). I'm hoping to quit smoking again. So I guess the hope bug has me in its pincers a little bit too. Better than the alternative. I think?
2017 will see Cloud Rat releasing a shitload of material over five split records throughout the year, as well as touring a bit here and there, with one big one in the summer. We had to cancel our Australia/SE Asia and Europe plans due to financial and scheduling issues. Of course! I'm really not sure how to make crazy stuff like that happen anymore. We need to make a lot more money doing this in order for that kind of thing to work out. BIG HAHA THERE HUH? Nah, it'll all happen someday. Just slower and less frequent than I'd like. Anyways, here's what's on the books:

1/27: 1FEST NYC @ Silent Barn w/ ACxDC, Backslider, Die Choking, Escuela, Goolagoon, Grindmother, Chepang, Death Vacation, Sick Shit
Doors at 7, Show @ 8
Ticket link:
FB Event:

1/28: 1FEST Syracuse @ The Warehouse w/ ACxDC, Die Choking, Escuela, Goolagoon, Grindmother, Dyalisis, Meth mouth, Street Feet, Media Limits, Hallucination Realized, Zooters
ticket link:
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1/29: 1FEST BOSTON @ Hardcore Stadium w/ ACxDC, Die Choking, Escuela, Goolagoon, Grindmother, Ascend/Descend, Suffer on Acid, Lunglust, D-Sagawa
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*4PM All Ages Matinee show @ The Hall of Heroes comic shop (
1620 S Mission St, Suite P. Mt Pleasant, MI 48858) w/ Disrotted, Phoolan Devi, One More TBA. $5-$8 Sliding Scale Suggested Donation.
*9PM 21+ show @ Rubbles Bar
(112 W Michigan St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858) w/ Disrotted, Choose Your Poison, Lowhangers, One More TBA. $8-$10 Sliding Scale Door.

6/26 - 7/23: HUGE TOUR TBA

That's about it for 2017, aside from hopefully a string of local MI gigs and some one-offs here and there. Keep ya eyes peeeeeled. I, personally, would like to do some more short weekends with friends but it's hard. All of our schedules and financial sitches are fucked. Not to mention our collective mental illnesses. UGH.

I think our release schedule is going to go something like:
split 7" w/ Crevasse - March
split LP w/ Moloch - April
split LP w/ The World Is A Vampire - May
split LP w/ Disrotted - June
split 7" w/ Test (tentative) - Fall.
Over an hour of new material that we are reeeeeeally stoked on. There are talks of maybe even doing a music video, after all these years. We'll see. LOTS OF SHIT HOLY FUCK TOO MUCH WORK.

Hails. Stay up.

Whiskey Dad


  1. Can't wait to hear new tunes. If you play Florida this year, I will shit my pants. Much love.

  2. Can't wait to hear new tunes. If you play Florida this year, I will shit my pants. Much love.