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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 is coming. One more year to live.

Hello folks.
Updated the shows section, some real bangers comin' up. Weekend tour in February with our good pals Disconnected from Toledo. Pretty excited for that.
Recording soon for two split LPs. Hell yeah.

Sorry bout the lame quick update. Will write more soon!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Also our LP got reviewed in This months Maximum RocknRoll

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so fucking good.

cloud rat/M

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Cracked skull his eye twitches
Every ounce of paint thickens and dry’s
His centipede fingers curl around my back to make sure I’m still there
Educing me enchanting me
Green eyes in the black light strewn across his lop sided bed
Awake to shakes twitches and speaks
To Wake up Only in my dreams
dying girl holds dead boy


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Friday, November 12, 2010


So if anyone was just paying attention, I updated the wrong blog. Whatever. Fixing it now.


Cool things happening. The Cloud Rat/Xtra Vomit split is going to be pressed on LP, with 2 new songs as well as the tracks from the cassette (8 total tracks from us!).
Also, we have been discussing doing another split LP, this time with The Oily Menace. Super excited. We already have four songs written for that, just need a couple more!
Got some shows coming up soon, I will post them when they are all confirmed. Until then, grind on fellow headbangers.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Metal.... PROOOOOOG!

Long time no update.
Well a lot of great things have happened.
First things first, our tour with Xtra Vomit was godfuckingdamn incredible. Everyone everywhere was so amazing and kind to us. Really. Here is a quick and hard to read thanks list:

Thanks so much to Brandon/Sock/Xtra Vomit/Kirstin, Nate/Nick/Eric @ 1624 - Ft Wayne, Robert/Mavis/Francesca/Realicide/Evolve - Cincinnatti, Story/Jesse/Ryan/Yautja/Little Hamilton - Nashville, Christion/Noxious Noize/Dragons Den - New Orleans, Nevin/John/Chris Conscience/Joe/Aysa/Chris Sacred/Cell Graft/Merkit/Autarkeia/Panzram/Yeung/Tom/Jess/Slashpine - Tampa/Ft. Myers/Miami, Brevard House/Kaylin/Bob/Alex/Steve - Melbourne, Greg/Jackie/Farside/Robert - Tallahassee, Trashcan/Michelangelo/Pizza Hi-Five/Everyone else -Lima, Jose/Mike/Fran/Justin/Mutilation Rites, Kevin/Dylan/Travis/Oily Menace, Fred/Life Like for the tapes, etc so on and so forth.

Sorry to those that we forgot to mention. Just saying thanks doesn't really cut it. I am in love with everyone we met on this tour. I want to be roomates with everyone and cook meals together and watch movies and stuff. Haha.

In other news, we are being interviewed for a couple zines right now, I'm pretty excited about it. We will let everyone know when those are out and about.
We are all out of the Xtra Vomit/Cloud Rat split tapes. We are talking about recording a couple more songs and releasing it as a split LP now! Pumped.
We have like 4 or 5 shirts left, size L-XXL. Email us if you want one! We are selling them for $8.

So we are taking a short break from playing shows. We will probably start playing again in another month or so. Gonna be writing more and stuff, ya know.

Again, thanks so much to everyone who has been kind to us. This tour was a very inspiring experience and I am spreading the positivity to the other areas of my life as well!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tour & Split Cassette

Check out our Downloads section. There are new songs there. Woo! 6 new tracks from the Xtra Vomit split cassette. Let us know what you think!

Good news, the Cloudy Vomit tour is all pretty much booked solid! Just awaiting the details for a few of the shows.
All shows are with Xtra Vomit.
Here are the dates:

Sept 30th @ 1624 N Harrison St. Fort Wayne, IN. Other bands TBA
Oct 1st @ Mockbee, 2260 Central Pkwy. Cincinnati, OH w/ Realicide, 1 more
Oct 2nd @ Little Hamilton, 1318 Little Hamilton St. Nashville, TN w/ Tinsel Teeth, Yautja, +1
Oct 3rd @ Dragon's Den, 435 Esplanade Avenue New Orleans, LA. Other bands TBA
Oct 4th @ TBA Tampa, FL w/ Yeung, more
Oct 5th @ TBA Fort Meyers, FL w/ Merkit, Yeung, more
Oct 6th @ Churchill's Hideaway, 5500 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL w/ Bureaucratic Dysentery, + 2
Oct 7th @ TBA Melbourne FL (Booked, awaiting deets)
Oct 8th @ TBA Tallahassee FL (Booked, awaiting deets)
Oct 9th @ TBA Greenville SC (Booked, Awaiting deets)
Oct 10th @ The Leathershop, Lima OH w/ Mutilation Rites, more
Oct 11th @ Justice Records, 617 N Mission St. Mt Pleasant, MI w/ Mutilation Rites, more.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

The Rat.

hey do any of you kids out there have any pictures from our last couple of shows?
if you do we would love to see them

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hello, People Of The Cloud.

Bad news first. Our weekend with The Oily Menace has been cancelled due to venues getting shut down and a couple shows falling through. Bummer. We are STILL PLAYING MUSKEGON on Thursday though. GO GO GO!

Good news: Instead of touring, we are entering the studio on saturday to record our half of the split cassette with Xtra Vomit. We are super stoked on the songs that we have written. Expect a free download soon!
Also, the Sept. 30th - Oct. 11th Xtra Vomit tour is almost booked solid!
The only dates we still need help with are :
Oct 2nd - Nashville or Memphis
Oct 9th - Anywhere in Southeast/East USA

In the meantime, we are playing a few Michigan dates soon. Try and make it out to one or two if you can.

The Rat.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

missing friends is the worst.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


(All dates with The Oily Menace)
26th - Muskegon, MI @ The Pothole
27th - Milwaukee, WI @ ... can't remember. Will post soon haha.
28th - TBA (IL)
29th - Chicago, (IL) @ house w/ Poison Planet, Lengua Armada, Culo

(All dates with Xtra Vomit)
Sept 30th - Fort Wayne, IN
Oct 1st - Cincinatti, OH
2nd - Memphis or Nashville, TN (Need Help)
3rd - New Orleans, LA
4th - Tampa, FL
5th - Fort Meyers, FL
6th - Miami, FL
7th - Melbourne, FL
8th - Atlanta or Anywhere, GA (Need Help)
9th - Louisville, KY or WV (Need Help)
10th - Lima, OH
11th - Mt Pleasant, MI (No Xtra Vomit on this show)

Any shows marked Need Help... ya know. Haha.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello friends!
News from the Cloud Rat camp...

As Madison stated in an earlier post, the LP's are in, and in my humble opinion they look and sound great! Look for some reviews in MRR, Give Me Back, and Short Fast + Loud soon. You can get them from us at shows,,, or

We have some shows coming up, a weekend with The Oily Menace in the works, and we are currently booking a tour with Xtra Vomit September 30th-Oct 10th. We will be heading down through the Midwest to Florida, then back up the East Coast to home.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has been supportive of us. This has been a lot of fun so far.
We have been busy writing away, and have seven or so songs ready right now. We are going to continue writing for a bit, and then will be looking to do a split and probably another LP sometime early next year.

Send us email. Lets chat about happy things. Way too much negativity floating around in this world at the moment.


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is fucking wonderful!

dont tell me about my bad grammer

Hey so updates.. Michigan meltdown was great and we had a chance to play with some really great bands.  The day went well despite being really hot.  I had never been to the DAAC  before so the space was interesting to see and to play in.  the crowd was great and its always super awesome when we get to play in Grand Rapids.

 In other news the Vinyl came out and WE NOW HAVE INSERTS so just let us know if you bought an album and we will get one to you! I do like the way they turned out.  IFB did a really great job screen printing them and putting in just the right amount of love :)

We have six new songs done for the next album already and are planning a tour with XTRA VOMIT threw Florida In sept. We also hope to put out a split...maybe..possibly..with some other bands in the coming months.

And Finally in other news we wont be playing shows for this month because I'm off to Canada to WOOF my ass off and wont be back till July 26th.  

I'm also going to be moving the few days after i get back...not sure where yet.. but i could really end up anywhere.  

I hope you all are well.


Monday, June 14, 2010

yes please

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Friday, May 28, 2010


All pictures taken by brooke!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Woo! Longtime no update. Sorry!

We have been super busy putting the LP together and playing shows and writing new songs, plus all of us are really busy outside of the band too. The LP is at the pressing plant! Yes!
Hopefully it will be out within a month and a half or so. Be on the lookout for a record release show coming up here soon.

In the meantime, come out to our shows that we have booked now! We would love to see all of your wonderfully beautiful faces soon!
We are planning on doing a tour with Xtra Vomit in the late summer, and possibly a split with them as well. Stoked! Keep it real.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

check it out.

The show in grand rapids went super well!
I had a lot of fun talking to new people, and hearing good feedback from people is always nice.
was sad though we missed Positive noise and the other bands i have been waiting to see them for a while :/

Then later that night we headed to Ryan's house for some fun and fun it was.
I had some pizza that had the best crust then i drank some really great beer and chated with some really cool cats about all kind of things.
oh and i also stood and stared in amazement to Ryan and Claire's little library they have, lots of great books i want to read

Then later that night much to my dismay i got to see Rorik and a bunch of other men get really excited and sing Bruce Springsteen... (not a big fan of the boss ha)
but much joy was brought when i heard he ran off and went to a hipster party down the road and danced his fanny off..then proceeded to pee on a girls car.

Overall it was a great night.
We leave for tour Thursday! got a great show that night in Kalamazoo

Oh and patches are now available!

Back Patch

Smaller patches

also been listening to His Hero Is Gone all day.
the album Monuments to Thieves is fucking great

-M/Cloud Rat

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cool Stuff

Things are moving along well here at the Cloud Rat lab.
Our debut LP is getting mastered this week at Moresound Recording Studios in Syracuse, NY.
We have a couple patches and a back patch being printed up right now, and we are doing a four day weekend tour with our friends For The Sake Of Motion at the end of March.
Also, the artwork for the LP is coming along nicely. Almost done!!!
Lots of good things happening. Stoked.
The record will be put out by a few labels collectively. At this point, Otherwise Dead out of Muskegon MI, and Midwestern Decline out of Fort Wayne IN are on board. We are waiting on a couple others, and then we will see about getting this baby pressed!!
Come out to our upcoming shows, and participate in all of the other cool things happening within the Michigan DIY community!!!

- R

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

How amazing is this cover?

how amazing is this band?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Palmer Hall Punk Show

well i had something to say,then you all started staring intensly... i got nervous
jumble jumble women jumble jumble feelings..
this was our second show.

m/Cloud Rat

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Album artwork ?

Came up with this yesterday, had a friend draw it out. Still deciding. Rorik is working on the

ahhh i'll just come out and say it. I'm having the hardest time with this! I want to capture the mood of the album but its getting tough. This is new to me because I'm not really critical on my art and i want this to be really great.

I kind of just started being really anal about the whole thing. I feel i am now being wayyyyyy to critical over it. I redraw almost everything i sketch up and that def needs to stop. ha

Also the mood of the album should be easy! its my favorite stuff to draw dark dreary angry etc. Its just i think I'm way to attached to the lyrics and how honest i was when i wrote them. I don't feel like i can capture what i feel singing them.

What i feel is Self reflection and hurt. This album has a type of angry sorrow to it. It kind of bites and pulls on you its like that lump in your throat when your about to cry and the tormenting enraged fist balling moments leading up. The why's and the woes you know?

Or at least this is how i feel about it.
I'm sure Adrian and rorik probably feel a little different. hmph.

ANYWAY i will keep on trying. it will be done soon. it will be good.

okay done now.
will write soon kiddies

-M/cloud rat

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just made this.
We recorded with Kevin Kitchel in January. Did 11 songs, roughly 17 minutes of material. We are doing a 45rpm LP. Stoked.
We have a few shows coming up, a tour, and we will be playing Michigan Meltdown Fest this year.
Will update a lot more very soon. Keep posted.

email us:

- R / Cloud Rat