Friday, June 8, 2018

The Frolic

Hey all pals. Once again apologizing for never updating. Often feeling closer to death nowadays, but I'm assuming we all are experiencing something similar, so nothing new there I suppose.
We have a little tour coming up next week. We'll have new shit for sale and a new CD collection as well, come get weird with us. I know this probably reads a bit Eeyore-ish but I'm truly excited to be able to do this and meet up with good pals, just am currently a bit tired and doing my best to stay above all the bullshit lately. Anyways, Check it:::

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine Tour 2018
(All dates with the fabulous CLOSET WITCH)

6.13 - Chicago @ Subterranean Downstairs w/ C.H.E.W. - -

6.14 - Matinee in Des Moines for Girl's Rock Camp, private party, sorry y'all.

6.14 - Kansas City @ Riot Room w/ PGSK, Weaponized Decay - -

6.15 - Dallas @ Three Links w/ Wildspeaker - -

6.16 - Austin Terror Fest - -

6.17 - Tulsa @ Barkingham Palace -

6.18 - Minneapolis @ Seward Cafe w/ COKSKAR, Sleep Debt -

6.19 - Milwaukee @ Cactus Club w/ Ara, Wargames -

6.20 - Quad Cities @ Rock Island Supper Club w/ Staghorn, Everlasting Light -

Much love -