Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Edge Of Madness

Tour starts in 4 days! We are leaving at 7am on Thursday. I'm so excited for this tour! I will have copies of the very first issue of my very first zine available, and we get to see so many wonderful friends and bands and places. YES!
Thanks so much to everyone who have helped us so much with this tour: Chris Yeung, Bryan Funck, Landon/Dallas, Matt Preston, Nevin IFB, Pizza Hi Five, Rat Storm, Jim and Andy in Knoxville, Seth and Blake in Atlanta, Gripe and Dan Vinyl Rites in Athens, Tony and Greg in Tallahassee, Rick and Alden in Ft Worth, Jenny Ray @ Phoenix Project, Ford and Vinyl Junkie in Houston, and the Austin folks who helped us out, even though we didn't end up making it there. Next time for sure! Thanks again to you all!
And to everyone who may be reading this, hope to see you on the road!!!

Also, we have been confirmed for the 5th annual DIY vs. DOMESTIC ABUSE show, a benefit for the Milwaukee Women's Center. We are really excited to be a part of it this year! We will also be doing a show in Madison the day before, and maybe Fort Wayne the day after, not sure yet.

ANNNNNNDDDDD we are going to be doing a short tour around SMASH IT DEAD FEST. March 22nd - April 1st. We will post the details for that ASAP!

All right. Much love from the Rats. Take care!


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Operation grindcore & Music for vultures

Some nice folks asked to interview us.
check it yo
Operation Grindcore interview
Music for vultures

i've been drawing.
M/cloud rat

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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Lurking Fear

Hey all! We added a little links section. Check them out! Will add more as we remember them.

Tour is almost all set, just need Birmingham AL or Jackson MS area still! If you know anyone who can help us in those towns or surrounding areas (Basically any city that will split up our trip from Dallas TX to Melbourne, FL. WHEW), please let us know or let them know. Thanks! We are getting pretty stoked for tour, and got some new shirties and patchies. We will have some of the last remaining copies of our LP, as well as copies of the Oily Menace / Wolbachia split LP and (fingers crossed) the new Autarkeia split 7"!

LAIR / Brian Uhl and Robert Inhuman just made this for us. So fucking cool.