Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tell your loved ones you love them.

Ah, friends of the Rat blog. Whiskey Dad here. I hope you have been well.
Things at the Rat camp have maybe seemed relatively quiet for the past few weeks. And I suppose they have been, other than booking the shit out of that Nov-Dec tour. We only need help with 3-4 more shows and we are basically set on that one. Thank you SO FUCKING MUCH to everyone involved. You are getting the biggest hugs ever.

In other news, yesterday I witnessed a major accident at my jobsite (I am a crane operator / steel fabricator / construction). I was in the crane setting wood trusses on a huge 300 ft long by 80 ft wide building. At the end of the day, the entire building collapsed with 5 guys up on the walls and trusses. Two were hurt badly, and my cousin and I were the ones to dig through the debris to pull one of them out. I'm not sure why the building collapsed, could have been the ground being too soft, letting the support legs give way, or the framers may have been cutting corners. I don't know, doesn't matter. All I know is, there was a man crying for help, pushed through the floor, buried under thousands of pounds of wood and metal. Scary. Tell your friends and family you love them, everyday. Alright?
There are more stories to be told from the past week, but later. It's been a wild time lately.

This weekend, we head to New Orleans to play with Lightning Bolt and Thou, then to Denton, Texas to play with Forbes/Young/Gonzalez Trio, Terminator 2, and Bludded Head. Super pumped. Next weekend, 2 shows with False (Ft Wayne & Detroit). Super pumped again.
Tomorrow, slumber party with my daughter and her best friend and Madison. Oh, and I have a new roomate. Life is crazy.

Europe is shaping up a bit. Sounds like we are going to fly into Ireland, do some shows, ferry to Scotland/UK, do more shows, then do the whole rest of Europe. Ending sometime shortly after a fest that I can't remember the name of right now because I'm delusional. Alright, good night.