Monday, November 24, 2014

Big update! Sorry for not using this much, 2014 has been hella mad bonkers.
Hello again, lovely folks. On the upcoming tour with Disrotted, we are going to be doing collaboration sets with our friend Brandon's project, Plagues.
Will be rad.
To the promoters who didn't know about Plagues being on the bill with us, apologies. We are terrible at stuff sometimes. It won't make the sets much longer, probably 5-10 minutes more.

December Tour with Disrotted and Plagues:
5th - Mt. Pleasant, MI**
6th - Milwaukee, WI
7th - Chicago, IL
8th - Lima, OH at The Leathershop
9th - Nashville, TN
10th - Birmingham, AL
11th - New Orleans, LA @ TBA
12th - Baton Rouge, LA @ TBA
13th - Springfield, IL
14th - Grand Rapids, MI** @ TBA
** MT Pleasant and Grand Rapids gigs are CR and Plagues only, no Disrotted. There will be a tour poster soon, thanks to the amazingly incredible Brian Uhl.
After that, we are FINALLY entering the studio again, this time in January 2015 with our friend JC at Lakebottom Recording House in Toledo, OH:
We will be recording a large batch of material for our third LP along with some material for some TBA things in the works...
Very excited. I think that this will be our best material yet.
There is a lot going on next year. After recording, we are talking with some close friends about doing another tour together, this time a short spring break outing. Hopefully that works out. Then planning to have new records out before our next European tour, June / July 2015. There are some VERY exciting announcements coming about that, will let you know more when everything is confirmed.
After that, in August we are playing Dead Fest 2015 in Oakland, CA alongside Terrorizer, Noothgrush, Nausea, Come To Grief, Excruciating Terror, Capitalist Casualties, Massgrave, and many other amazing bands and friends. Damn. We will most likely do a very short run of dates around this as well.
There are more things in the work after that as well, hopefully all works out. 2015 is looking promising.

One more thing. Our van, Ron Burgundy, is on his last legs. I bought that van in 2007 with my best friend Jimmy (Old Soul, Under Anchor). It now has almost 300,000 miles on it, and is about to retire. So many amazing memories in that thing. Many of you have spent time in it as well. Time to say goodbye, thanks for all the memories. Cheers, bub.
And now, here is our new (used) van! Let's hope to get another 8+ years out of it! No name for them yet, still working on it.

Can't wait to see you all again. Much love and miss you tons.