Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Eternally Committed To The Void

So much to update and say, I don't really know where to start.
Tour with Ferals was so good, and a lot of fun. BFFs. Great shows, great times. Also brutally hot and no sleep fucking EVER. Thanks to all the lovely folks we got to see and hang out with and shit. TEST, WHAT A FUCKING BAND WOAH. Expect a split with them in the future. Seven-One Grind Fest was so killer, apologies to anyone who saw me all fucked up later on Friday night (Full of Hell dudes, Brandon, Thou folks, Bell Witch folks, Brandon Rat, uber driver, sorry y'all), yikes my bad. Milwaukee is officially home base number two. Annnnnd Drugs rule, mmkay?

I guess I'll get the bad news out of the way now... we have a number of cancellations and schedule changes. It really sucks to have to do this, and at this point I'm afraid we might have a bit of a stigma for such things, but it is what it is. :(
Summary: Appearances at Discontent Fest this weekend and at False 5 Year Anniversary gig August 27th both cancelled. West Coast and AustraliAsia tours both pushed back to 2017. For more info/reasons, read the next bit. If you don't care, skip ahead to the next-next chunk of words.
Our slot on Discontent Fest this weekend: cancelled due to one of our members having some serious health/wellbeing issues. I'm not going to divulge, but please, if you have a moment, send us some positive lovey vibes, they are much needed and sincerely appreciated. So yeah, so sorry to Tony, everyone else helping with the fest, sorry to Dakhma who we were going to share a vehicle with, all of  the bands and our friends who we were all so much looking forward to hanging and partying with. We will make it up to y'all any way we can. :(

We have to cancel our appearance with False for their five-year anniversary show in Minneapolis on August 27th. SUPER FUCKING BUMMED. This is due to a scheduling issue that unfortunately could not be resolved. We tried everything to make it work, but it's just a fucked weekend. Sorry to our lovers in False and to all of our Minneapolis pals, we want to be there so bad uggghhhh. We will also make this up to y'all anyway we can. :(
We are pushing our September West Coast tour back to 2017. This sounds bad, but is actually for a very good, positive reason. I can't announce the info yet, y'all will know in a couple weeks. West Coast tour will most CERTAINLY be happening next year, and it will be a stacked fuckin tour. And we will hit Minneapolis on that one as well, so all good there.
We are also pushing the New Zealand / Australia / SE Asia / Japan tour back to 2017 as well. This is due to a couple things: Skelptarsis broke up (RIP), and with the health and scheduling issues already plaguing us this year, we figured it would be best to give some time to breathe and save money and shit. It is definitely still happening as well though, and Europe will be around the corner from that again too. :)

In other, better news, our tour with Closet Burner is still happening and is all booked, very stoked. Here is the thingy for that, check it, share it, blah blah blah. Thanks Zach Maatman for the drawing and thank myself for the handwritten junk/flyer layout, thank Madison for the idea. We wanted to have something not so foreboding and grim for the tour poster this time around, the world has so much fucked up shit happening constantly, needed some light for a change.

We are still on track to record in August and October. There is an insane tour to be announced for September, and another couple really fucking amazing things in the works for next year. Merch store is pretty much depleted, so I gotta get on that, maybe it's time to have Josh Deadtank handle it. I'll get on that. Haven't even written him, just posting thoughts now. LOL.

Alright, I'm done ranting. Thanks everyone who has been supporting us via online merch, digital sales, coming to shows, etc etc. The help is just fucking amazing and much needed and appreciated. Keep each other close, be kind and loving and respectful and fuckin cool. Cheers.

Love, Whiskey Dad