Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Deadhouse Gates

Greetings from the Void beyond the event horizon. I do hope this finds you well, friends.
Since the last update, we played three One Fest gigs on the east coast and my 30th birthday weekend, all went super well with a lot of energy and good folks around. The most fucked, lit party after the bday gigs too, WOAH. Thanks  <3 br="">
We also finally finished recording/mixing/mastering for all five upcoming releases. (!!!)
It was a wild six/seven months. We worked incredibly hard to make what is (I think) our best material yet. Each release is quite different, while still maintaining our heart and sound somehow. There's a piano ballad, a gothy trip-hop number, an 18-minute doomy epic, four down-tuned sludge grinders, an Electric Deads cover, and a bunch of CR-flavored grindy/punky/metally/saddy tracks. 66 minutes of new material, fuckin hell. Too much. lol.

The release schedule has changed a bit. Split LP with Moloch will be released April 1st, streaming this weekend!
Then split 7" with Crevasse.
Then split LP with Disrotted.
Split LP with The World Is A Vampire should be in there somewhere, too.
Split 7" with Test should be due out in the Fall.

All except the Test split should be out in time for the summer Friendship Tour with Moloch, False and Thou, June 26 - July 22. Dates will be up very soon.

In the meantime, we are playing in Toledo 3/31 for our bff JC's birthday (engineer behind Qliphoth and all splits since then) and then Milwaukee 4/1 with bff's False, Pigs Blood and others. Will be good.

Be good to each other. Sorry I don't have more to say at the moment. Read Malazan: Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson, there is way more interesting/relevant stuff to read there. Cheers loves.