Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer breeze makes me feel fine...

Hello loves. Yet again, long time no post. What can I say? It's fuckin' summer in Michigan and we've got other shit to do.
Between working, hanging with our friends and family and lovers and kids, enjoying the rivers and forests and beaches and parties, and people playing in other bands, we just haven't had much time for the Rat. Buuuuut no worries, someday we will get back in the swing of things.

Upcoming shows:
Friday July 5th @ The CAID in Detroit with Panzram, Green Dreams (I think?), Germination.
*We are NOT PLAYING at the Magic Stick in Detroit July 11th. I don't know who booked that show, but we never were asked or confirmed, so that flyer is false. I believe that Madison's band Esper is playing though?*
August 7th in Milwaukee
August 8th in Minneapolis
August 9 - 10: Arsonfest in Winnipeg
August 11th - Duluth?
August 12th - Marquette?
THOU / FALSE / CLOUD RAT DATES ARE............ UGH. Still in the works. Hopefully sometime in September. Shit is crazy right now for everyone, hard to get it sorted out.
November Coming Fire Fest in... November
305 Fest Miami in December.
Bunch of stuff next year, no solid plans right now though. East Coast, West Coast, South Coast, International again???

So basically, in short, expect the rest of 2013 to be relatively slow for us. After all that touring, we needed a break and we meant it, apparently. Apologies to everyone for dragging our feet on interviews and merch stuff. It is what it is, just not a lot of time for it. May be some new interesting developments/gigs/etc cropping up this year, but it's hard to say.

In the meantime, support the many other great artists doing good work out there. Support ya local community and farmers and people doing cool things. There are too many negatives in this world, keep spreading the good shit.
Will try to keep this updated.