Monday, June 4, 2012

New Tracks from the Rat
Our side of the split LP with Republic of Dreams.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Split w/ Republic of Dreams, upcoming shows, PARTY.

Hello all of our lovely friends, hope all has been well. We have been enjoying the grand weather up here in Michigan, our 4 months of nice weather almost makes up for the 8 months of misery.

Our material is finished for the split LP with Republic of Dreams, and that record will be out in about a month, just in time for their US tour! Soon, we will post a mediafire link of our side of that record. We're pretty excited about it, pretty gnarly junk.
Originally, we were going to get the material finished for the Orgullo Primitivo split first, but the ROD split had a deadline set so the record could be out before their US tour. So up next we will get to working on the vocals for the OP split and our 2nd full LP, Moksha.

So we have some shows coming up finally!
June 22nd-24th in Marquette MI, Minneapolis MN, and Milwaukee WI are all set. Can't fucking wait!
Then we have July 13th - 15th in Toledo OH, Jamestowne NY, and Buffalo NY. Jamestowne and Buffalo are set, awaiting final details. Toledo / BG is getting worked on.
Then we have July 18th and 19th with Republic Of Dreams in Grand Rapids MI and Muskegon MI, then possibly July 20th in Mt Pleasant MI, but that is still iffy.
August is up in the air for us, as Adrian's band Old Soul will be touring. September there is possible talk of us playing a fest all the way out near Vancouver.
Our next big tour is going to be going to the West Coast of the USA in November / December. After that, our sights are getting set on heading overseas. YES PLEASE.

So, lots going on for us right now even though we have seemed a bit quiet lately. Our van is halfway fixed now, and our instruments / gear are next on the list of getting fixed up. Now we just need to fix our fucked up brains.

Much love to everyone. We miss all of you. Come to Michigan and we'll take you river tubing.