Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Metal.... PROOOOOOG!

Long time no update.
Well a lot of great things have happened.
First things first, our tour with Xtra Vomit was godfuckingdamn incredible. Everyone everywhere was so amazing and kind to us. Really. Here is a quick and hard to read thanks list:

Thanks so much to Brandon/Sock/Xtra Vomit/Kirstin, Nate/Nick/Eric @ 1624 - Ft Wayne, Robert/Mavis/Francesca/Realicide/Evolve - Cincinnatti, Story/Jesse/Ryan/Yautja/Little Hamilton - Nashville, Christion/Noxious Noize/Dragons Den - New Orleans, Nevin/John/Chris Conscience/Joe/Aysa/Chris Sacred/Cell Graft/Merkit/Autarkeia/Panzram/Yeung/Tom/Jess/Slashpine - Tampa/Ft. Myers/Miami, Brevard House/Kaylin/Bob/Alex/Steve - Melbourne, Greg/Jackie/Farside/Robert - Tallahassee, Trashcan/Michelangelo/Pizza Hi-Five/Everyone else -Lima, Jose/Mike/Fran/Justin/Mutilation Rites, Kevin/Dylan/Travis/Oily Menace, Fred/Life Like for the tapes, etc so on and so forth.

Sorry to those that we forgot to mention. Just saying thanks doesn't really cut it. I am in love with everyone we met on this tour. I want to be roomates with everyone and cook meals together and watch movies and stuff. Haha.

In other news, we are being interviewed for a couple zines right now, I'm pretty excited about it. We will let everyone know when those are out and about.
We are all out of the Xtra Vomit/Cloud Rat split tapes. We are talking about recording a couple more songs and releasing it as a split LP now! Pumped.
We have like 4 or 5 shirts left, size L-XXL. Email us if you want one! We are selling them for $8.

So we are taking a short break from playing shows. We will probably start playing again in another month or so. Gonna be writing more and stuff, ya know.

Again, thanks so much to everyone who has been kind to us. This tour was a very inspiring experience and I am spreading the positivity to the other areas of my life as well!