Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello all. Sorry we've been neglecting the blog, and never made the last tour update. The holidays have been crazy busy for me personally, and I'm sure for M & A as well.

For now, let me just say that the show last night in Grand Rapids was one of the best MI shows I have ever been to. Positive Noise, Deathrats, Sin Orden, Pizza Hi-Five, State Violence, Deep Shit all killed. So good. Tons of people showed up. Perfect!

We have some dates lining up well for the March tour. We only need help with Richmond VA and Pittsburgh now! If you know anyone in those cities, please let them know that we need haaalp.

Tour was incredible. I'm really glad to be home as well, hanging with my daughter everyday while she is on holiday from school. I'm torn between the road and home.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Three more days and then home...

This tour has been incredible. Thank you sooooo much to everyone who has been there to support us and to all of the bands who have played the shows, and to everyone who came out to see us. Every show has been excellent.

We will do a much more detailed tour post when we get home. For now, listen to False and Thou all day every day.
Tour is going really well still, and we are having good times still. However, I am ready to be home and be with my daughter, partner, home friends, and family. Much love to all.

Thou in Miami

False in Miami

Baby baby

This video is so awesome. Thanks to Mitch from Thou for putting it together. Make sure you watch it past the Amy Grant song, because I think the end is the best. We all miss everyone in Thou and False very much.

Florida Tour from Mitch Whales on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Day 13/14

don't worry youl be hearing all about our sad departure from our lovers False and Thou.
Here's some wonderful pictures from our friend Rosie in the mean time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ft. Worth and Dallas were both amazing. 1919 Hemphill and The Phoenix Project Collective are both really great spaces run by really great people. We had SO MUCH GOOD FOOD in both towns as well, it was ridiculous. Thanks a ton to all of our new friends: Jenny Ray, Landon, Alden, Kelly, Dan, Rick, Matt, Tyler, Ramon, Alden's Parents (sorry we set off the fire alarms at like 2AM!!!). The bands that played were all fucking KILLER as well. Cleric was amazing old-school death metal, Guiso was really good frantic crusty d-beaty punk stuff, Raging Boner was really good tight straight up hardcore ala Ringworm, and then the greatest of all was Primitive Orgasm, a one-man drum solo playing the most insane fucking jazz-grind with vocal effects. It was one of the most powerful things that I have ever seen. More punk than punk.
Then we had a 20 hour drive from Dallas to Cocoa Beach FL, which we just got done with about an hour ago. We couldn't get a show to materialize in Alabama or Mississippi, so that was that. Lots of weird things happening in the van, lots of really great accents and stupid shenanigans. You know.
We have a ton of pictures and junk, we will get them posted later on!!!
Tonight we start our little 5-day jaunt with Thou and False. Should be a crazy time!

I miss my daughter.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Springfield / Houma / New Orleans / Houston

There's us in Houston this morning, at an awesome community center / library / vegan cafe called S.H.A.P.E.
We all just had some amazing veggie burgers and sweet potato fries. I hope you dig the flower effects that my amazing webcam does... Oh and the person in the top left is our good friend Sock from Xtra Vomit, who is on tour with us.

Tour has been great. Springfield was SO GOOD. All because of Chris / YEUNG / DOG FOOD. We love you so much Chris!!! Check all of his projects out at

Then we had a really long drive. Shit got loopy in the van.
Houma ruled. HEAT DUST is a new punk/shoegazey type band that blew us away. We listened to their cd like 15 times already, literally. Before the show, we got lost in Houma trying to find the venue. At a stop sign, a woman walked up to our van, bleeding heavily from her head. She asked if we could take her to her house because she had just gotten beaten up really bad by her boyfriend. So we took her to her house, and the venue just happened to be right next to her house! Thanks be to the Goddess. Our thoughts go out to the woman from Houma.

New Orleans is such an amazing town. Just letting you know. Go there when you get a chance. The show at the Hey Cafe was an awesome time, thanks a ton to Greg from there and Bryan / THOU. IMPRESSIONABLE YOUTH were incredible. I found a fellow Berserk lover and my life is getting that much closer to complete. Thank you, Bilal, for being fucking awesome. We stayed with Bryan and Emily in their beautiful home, I loved it there. 

Houston was interesting. Madison met up with her best friend of all time, who lives here now. The record store Vinyl Junkie is fucking stacked, such a good place. The show had a heavy "jaded" vibe, lots of not give a fuck attitude. However, there were some great people there, and our new friend Ford who booked the show is so sweet. Thanks! Check out Turbokrieg, they were insanely good. IPV was really cool as well. 

All in all, everything is good so far. The van has been acting a little weird, but we figured that problem out I think. In Houma, I thought my Peavey Windsor head blew up. The next day we took it to a music store (Webb's Bywater Music in New Orleans, SUCH A GOOD PLACE!) and it was a quick solder job and a re-tube at an AMAZING price. Couldn't believe it. Sweet!

Okay, Up next is Fort Worth, Dallas, MAYBE Birmingham, and then 5 Florida dates with THOU and FALSE. So pumped! We'll try and keep the blog updated along the way.