Monday, August 21, 2017

Self to mind. Mind to flesh. Flesh to bone.

Friendship Tour was killer. Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to everyone involved, the list is incredibly long. I might get around to a post that personally thanks folks. I fucking had one all typed out and ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT I SWEAR TO FUCKING HOOD. Ugh. It was so cute and personal and heartfelt and real. For now you'll just have to suffice with this boring, disinterested "thanks, y'all."

Now we are back to a little break, probably til next year. Lots of plans/ideas for tours and junk. Still have two more splits to release. Maybe someday we'll start writing again. Next thing would definitely be a full length, but that won't be for quite a while so yeah. Go listen to Miley Cyrus' "Adore You", Halsey's "Now or Never", Rihanna's "Stay", Future, Migos and other good jammers. Get the Chopped and Screwed app and never listen to pop music the same again.

So I changed it so that you have to pay to download our albums on bandcamp. To be clear: we more than happily support free listening and downloading. There are lots of places where our shit is being shared around and it's pretty easy to find, not to mention you can still stream it via our bandcamp or spotify or etc etc etc.
If you feel inclined to give us money directly for our digital tracks, you can do so by downloading from our bandcamp. Thanks! If there are any questions, concerns, or if you wanna yell at us for being sellouts and all that, hit us up. Love y'all, stay safe, talk soon.

P.S. Fuck white supremacy, fuck the cops and fuck the government. Stay vigilant.