Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hello friends. We changed our routing a bit, and pushed the tour back a week. So here is what we are looking at:

1st: Springfield, IL *

2nd: New Orleans, LA

3rd: Baton Rouge, LA

4th: Houston, TX *

5th: Dallas, TX *

6th: Little Rock, AK *

7th: Birmingham, AL *

8th: Melbourne, FL

9th: Orlando, FL

10th: Miami, FL

11th: Ft Meyers, FL @ Cool Hand Luc's w/ THOU, FALSE, PANZRAM

12th: Tampa, FL

13th: Montgomery, AL or Tallahassee, FL *

14th: Atlanta/Athens, GA *

15th: Asheville, NC *

16th: Lexington, KY *

17th: Lima, OH @ The Leathershop

18th: Indianapolis/Bloomfield, IN

We still need help with the dates with a * next to them. If you know anyone in any of those cities or nearby cities who could help us with a show, or a place to sleep, or to just hang out with and be friends, please let us know. Thanks and hope to see you on the road!

Also, the Cloud Rat / Autarkeia split 7" is off to the pressing plant! Now we just need artwork and that hot slab of wax will be ready to go. Woo! The folks at IFB Records sure work hard. Thanks so much to Nevin, Joe, Aysa, and everyone else involved.


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  1. you should look into the phoenix place for your dallas show, the hold a lot of the diy shows...if you need more info my name is Landon.'t wait for y'all to come to dallas,I've been hoping you'd come down here for a while...