Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Harvey Wallbanger

Recordings are sounding sick so far. Still rough and without vocals, but killer nonetheless. We ended up doing 25 tracks, wrote 5 or 6 while recording. Definitely a different experience for me, but it's just so relaxed at Kevin's house. I love recording there. Thanks gee(sad)heeb.

Leaving for tour in two weeks. Hopefully we can get the Providence/Albany show figured out!!!

We are doing a little jaunt through Canada on the 3rd weekend of may. Just a heads up. Will let ya'll know more info when we got it.

Will update more soon. grind/love



  1. I can't wait to hear these. The way you recorded drum tracks sounds crazy!

  2. Oh, shit - I hope the Toronto show is not the one happening on May 20 - I'd miss it 'cause dropdead, Brutal Truth and Nasum are in town!

    Fucking rad news, though.