Monday, April 9, 2012

Lonely Party

Cheers, mates!
First things first, bad news. We have to cancel our Canadian dates in May. We were all set in Montreal to play the Anarchist Bookfair with some awesome bands, and to stay with one of my best friends Myriam. We were working on the other dates, all should have been good. Well, during our first week back from tour, lots of things happened. The van broke. One of my guitar heads broke during the last show in Cleveland. Adrian got laid off from his job. My work is still at a standstill. Madison got a new job (this is a good thing though). And on top of all that, our scheduling is starting to conflict with life stuff. So with all of this said, we are not playing ANY shows until our dates at the end of June. Sorry.
Next, our 2nd scheduled recording session for vocals got cancelled. THANKS KEVIN. Next time any of you who frequent message boards see the name geeheeb, give him hell for it. So now, we are shooting to record vocals and various other whatnots on April 22nd.

I figure that now is a good time to further explain what we are doing with all of this material:

A good portion of the songs are going on an LP that will be entitled "Moksha."

Some of the songs are going on a split LP with Republic Of Dreams, a really great band from Germany.

A few of the songs are going on a split 7" with Orgullo Primitivo, who is our friend Stefan from Dallas. We played with him there in December, we both loved what each was doing, and decided to do a split. Cool!

And finally, one of the songs is going on one in a series of international 7" compilations called Monomaniac.

More information on all releases will be available soon, after we finish recording the vocals and get some artwork sorted out!

So, to sum up. No Cloud Rat shows til June. Lots of new Cloud Rat songs coming in the near-ish future. After the summer, we are planning some bigger tours. So hopefully that all works out. I wish we weren't so broke.

Also, someone with some web know-how, help us get organized with a website, please and thank you. You will be given kisses and hugs and vegan food.



  1. You guys are the fucking shit! Good to hear that you're coming out with new stuff. Keep it up.

  2. come back to the east coast after summer!

  3. european tour in autumn !! with republic of dreams or resurrectionists ;)

  4. Holy shit sooooo stoked on the Primitive Orgasm split!

  5. couting the days till june 22......that is if i can ever squeeze the street address for merlot mansion out of anyone.....(im supposed to go to a show there this sunday, but i STILL dont know exactly where it is)

  6. holy shit, those republic of dreams and orgullo primitivo splits are going to be the booooooooooomb!