Friday, July 20, 2012


HOLY FUCK! Do you see the post below this one, that just says "Hello"?!
That is a rare sighting of the mysterious-type Pokemon, the Drinch. Usually seen smoking tons of cigarettes and beating their drumset furiously, and being generally mysterious. HE POSTED ON THE BLOG. Mind = Blown.

Anyways, you may have noticed the links under the cover photo of our blog. We are getting fancy now huh? So yeah, this page will be news and what not, then there is the upcoming shows page, the discography/lyrics/download page, and videos for now. We will probably add more (photos, links, etc) in the future.

All of the gigs lately have been fucking amazing. Republic of Dreams are so good, and sweethearts to boot. Got to hang with our Curmudgeon friends again, awesome times. Moezes, Phil, Jess, Corey, Britt and all of our other Buffalo area friends: We love you. Jamestown NY was a hell of a show, punker than life (in a good way). Fucking skateboards and punk, coolest shit humyns have created thus far. Thanks to everyone involved with and at all of these shows!!!!

Life has been an emotional rollercoaster again lately. What to do about it? Keep your head, that's what my ma says, so that's what I'm doing. Love ya mom.

Will update again soon. Gonna get to booking that Nov/Dec tour heavily real soon.

Also, Europe in the spring... !



  1. Please, please please please please PLEASE, if you;re doing Europe next spring, consider Ireland. Fuck it, I'm actually going to mail you about this now.

  2. You guys rule so hard! we're back in Europe and still shaking.