Monday, May 30, 2016

Bordello of Blood

Typical. Again, taking way too long to update shit. Trying our best, but you know. Fuckin life. LOL.
We leave for tour with Ferals on Wednesday. Will be playing some shit that we've never played live before, as well as two BRAND NEW songs. We practiced at my partner and I's newly purchased home yesterday (woah. Dad life just hit hard), and it ruled. Very excited, feeling good about the current chemistry.
Bunch of represses coming soon, Self-Titled LP, Moksha LP, and Autarkeia split 7". All on color vinyl, something we haven't done much of.
Recording for all of our new records starts August 19th. Working on all of the material and some covers lately, and its going swimmingly.
July tour with Closet Burner is being booked currently, September West Coast is still in the planning stages, New Zealand/Australia/SE Asia/Japan tour is coming along a bit. Lots happening, can't keep up, as per usual.
We added a show in August, the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our dearest friends, FALSE. In Minneapolis, don't miss that one. So wild that it's already been that long since we became best pals with them and Thou. Speaking of those bands, 2017 might have something pretty fucking insane happening, involving them and a couple other close pals... Can't reveal anytime soon, but I promise. FUCKIN STOKED.

Alright, I gotta go. Probably forgetting stuff, sorry. Love y'all much, see you on the road.